Thursday, April 9, 2009

KERA announces layoffs but says it will be beefing up local content

A reader points out this news release from KERA:


DALLAS/FORT WORTH - KERA announced today that the equivalent of four-and-one-half positions have been eliminated so that resources can be reallocated to other areas within the organization. The positions affected are in volunteer services, data management, education programs and television production.

“We regret that these layoffs were necessary,” said Mary Anne Alhadeff, President & CEO, “but the station is on a course to increase news and public affairs reporting and advance online services consistent with the station’s mission and the needs and interests of our audiences. This reallocation of resources allows the station to maintain its budget and have the resources available for content expansion.”

In the coming months, KERA will implement plans to significantly expand its local radio news and public affairs coverage on KERA 90.1 FM and increase online content and resources.

When it does that expanding, maybe it will need new staff?


  1. Sounds familiar to me. At the DMN, we just fired 200 people but are going to "increase the quality & quantity" of your news, according to George's flashy ad. (All this right before we raise prices 40-percent) And there really is a Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and easter bunny really exist, good always conquers evils, yada, yada, yada.

  2. YES, word is that KERA WILL be hiring to support the stations' refocused mission. Looks like there will be plenty of well-qualified applicants, courtesy of both the DMN and S-T! Gentlemen and ladies, prepare your resumes...

  3. Perhaps KERA is seeing an opportunity to step in and fill a void in public affairs/political reporting left by departing resources at the DMN and S-T? On a related note, the PBS station in St Louis (KETC) has entered a partnership with the fledgling St. Louis Beacon online news site, which was launched by former Post-Dispatch editors/reporters.