Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Question from a reader

One of the recently cut asks:

The severance agreement contains a requirement that you not seek re-employment or any remunerative relationship with the company. This would seem to prohibit freelancing. But some who left in prior layoffs and buyouts have freelanced for the paper.

Anyone know if this was part of past agreements? Wondering if it's just not enforced or if this is a new issue.


I know there are managers out there who read this blog. Can we have something like a definitive answer, please? Anonymous would be fine.

Question from the comments

A reader writes:
What are they going to do about the reporter rotations? We're 11 people short now. Will projects people be included in the rotations--how can they not be? Many of us don't mind getting the overtime (and many of us are now the sole supporters in our homes), but I can't imagine they'll keep paying OT every weekend, holiday etc. Clerks are already short and having to rotate regularly. What's the plan here?

Speaking for myself that's a very good question.