Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stronger indications that it's coming Tuesday

A comment on an earlier post says:
Security says the layoffs will start Tuesday, April 7. The hit list includes a lot of managers. Let's hope they lay off fewer workers. Who needs, in one department, a director, two assistant directors and several managers. My manager is either getting the axe or he is just plain lying that he has heard nothing. I hope he has to go through the pain of losing a job.

If this tip is real, it seems like a good source. Security will need to know what the day is so they can prepare.

An aside: I wish pain on nobody. There is a third alternative: That manager actually doesn't know yet. It may be that the word will not be given to the lower manager levels until Monday. That might explain why the cuts themselves don't happen until Tuesday.

Managers are in the same mess as the rest of us. If the earlier discussions are true, they face significant losses this time. Plenty of pain to go around.

UPDATE: Here's another comment that confirms Tuesday:

My supervisor told me Tuesday, too. I only found out because I was planning to be off that day, but not anymore.