Friday, April 3, 2009

Two more indications that it's coming soon

Readers confirm that managers had firing school meeting today. And I'm told that two offices in the fourth floor hallway have had their windows papered over for "privacy."

Those offices have been used in the past for delivering the news.
Windows were papered over then, too.

Technical issue: Posting anonymous comments

It has come to my attention that the anti-spam captcha system is hiccuping. Others say that if you try to post a comment as "anonymous" the system rejects the first time to fill in the captcha with an error message that says to try again. The second try works. I've just tried it and found that to be the case. I am not nearly knowledgeable about the technology to know why this is happening or to fix it. It looks like many of you figured this out or are not having the problem, given the number of comments. But if you do get the error message, try again.

Was there a 'firing school' this morning?

One comment from yesterday said there was to be a manager-only meeting today that would lay out the script for the process. Can anyone confirm that it happened?

Another preparation suggestion to consider as we wait

A reader suggests:
One more thing to put on your to-do list:
Go to any supervisor you trust and ask for a PRINTED letter of recommendation. Today. Do it now.

To which I'll add: If you're on LinkedIn, this might be a good day to ask for recommendations there, too.