Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somebody thinks AH Belo is a good value

A reader sent us this:

Brian Ferguson and a couple of West Texas companies just bought a 7% stake in AH Belo shares. These are the guys who negotiated to buy Rocky Mtn News, but didn't close the deal.

How I plan to handle D Day here

What's happening in Houston today and tomorrow is a reminder that ours is coming. Here's what I'm planning to do on the day.

1) I'll be at work and I do not post on company computers, so do not expect live updates. I do have other resources, though, so I'll try to provide information as I can. (If I'm laid off, I'll be able to blog from home, of course.)

2) I will need help. I'm sure some of you will be keeping lists. What I would like are breakdowns: How many people from each department. And categories of people cut -- reporter, copy editor, photographer, line editor, etc...If you have a list and are willing to share, e-mail it to me.

3) If you are laid off and are willing to have your name posted, send me an e-mail along with any contact information or thoughts you want to share. I do not plan to post names from people who have not given permission. People have been hurt by that happening after previous layoffs.

If anybody has a suggestion about this, send me a note or post a comment.