Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An interesting managing editor job?

A reader sends this:
I'm looking to fill a Managing Editor Position . If you know of anyone qualified and interested, please feel free to pass on this email.

Show Initiative is an established trade media and events company with a background in games, virtual worlds, and social media.. We already run two successful blogs, but are preparing to expand both in content and scope. We're looking for an experienced managing editor to help set the tone, direction, and team for a new network of blogs.

More details here:

A question about how the cuts were decided

Here's a comments thread on another post:

1) A person I know who was laid off let me see the list of positions selected for termination. According to it, 136 people lost their jobs this go-round. We were told that all positions in our small dept. were being considered for termination. On the list, all positions in each department were listed and an "X" was placed by the position(s) selected for termination. However, the person in our dept. who lost their job's position was the only one on the list, which leads us to believe she was specifically targeted, that perhaps her name/position was submitted in advance. If all our positions in this dept. were subject to the RIF, as we'd been told, why weren't all the positions on the list?

2) A friend showed me the list and I noticed there were no photo editors or any photo management on the list. I echo the above question, why weren't all the positions on the list?

3) Good question.

Similar examples can be found elsewhere on the list. For example, for "Editorial Page," only four positions were listed, one of which was "selected" for layoff. There are a lot more than four people in that dept.

Also, the list of those who apparently were considered for layoff included no line editors for national, foreign, TSW, Downtown Bureau, Metro Central Zone, Metro West Zone or Metro East Zone.

If I read this right then these people are saying that there were certain positions that were never considered for cuts -- no matter who was filing them. Unless there was a prior evaluation during which everyone in those positions was already determined to be necessary before the creation of the lists these people say they saw. Anybody have first-person information to contribute?

Another farewell note

The invitation is still open to others. Here is the latest:

Hello all,

A week after the cuts, I finally feel like my head is screwed on straight enough to give a proper farewell (that is, farewell for now).

Thanks to everyone who has offered condolences, encouragement and assistance during this very difficult time. I am deeply appreciative. You have helped replace despair, uncertainty and even self-doubt with hope and optimism.

To those who are still devastated by last week: I hate to get cheesy with the glass-half-full metaphor, but sometimes a different perspective really helps. I was in a serious car crash three weeks ago, and the outcome would have been very different had I not been wearing a seat belt. Before the accident, I was already a bit of a wreck because I fretted the possibility of losing everything (i.e., my job). I thought journalism was my entire life. But that mentality changed after the accident. When you almost lose it all, you realize everything else from that moment forward is actually a bonus. Hopefully you don't need to get in a terrible wreck to feel the same way.

To both the DMN exes and remaining staffers: It takes an admirable level of commitment, passion and determination to stick it out this long in such a turbulent industry. Don't forget that. Jobs can disappear, but our common dedication to educating the public and doing what we do best is untouchable. And it will translate well to anything we do in the future.

I am truly honored and humbled to have worked with such remarkable colleagues and friends. I wish you all the best. Please keep in touch.

Holly Yan

Sports job in the region

A reader posted this message today:

Found this today:
SPORTS FANATIC? Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. (WNI) is seeking an
experienced SPORTS WRITER to serve on our award-winning sports team.
Candidates should have a minimum of three years experience with a
daily or weekly newspaper and possess the ability to juggle a lot of
balls in the air at the same time. This is not a 9-5 job as this desk
is responsible for the assignment and coverage of the sports, athletes
and coaches in the communities we serve. "Didn't get to it" is not
acceptable. We are looking for an enterprising individual capable of
writing compelling sports stories, covering games and assisting the
sports team to ensure all bases are covered. Excellent writing and
time management skills are a must. Preferred candidates will also have
experience in photography, Photoshop and Quark. This is a full-time
position with competitive compensation and excellent benefits, which
include 401(k) plan, health/dental insurance and annual paid vacation.
Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. E-mail
cover letter, resume and three writing samples to WNI Editor Neal
White at

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