Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Numbers and positions affected -- what may be the whole list

Apparently at least some of the RIFed were given a document intended to head off another age discrimination lawsuit.  Or maybe it's some kind of legally required handout to RIFed above a certain age. It is titled, and I am not shitting you, "Exhibit A."

It lists every newsroom position and the age of the person in that position, those fired and those not.  No names. Based on the document I count 38 people RIFed.  In some cases the departments are clear, others not, so I am not going to do that breakdown.

Copy Editor I -- 3
Copy Editor II --5
Copy Editor III -- 5
Deputy Assistant Editor -- 5
Assistant News Editor -- 1
Office manager  -- 1
Senior Editor -- 1
Design Editor -- 1
Photo Tech -- 1
Presentation Editor-- 1
Content Coordinator -- 2
Layout Editor -- 1

Bureau Chief -- 1

Special Writer -- 1
Reporter I -- 4
Reporter III -- 1
Reporter III-Business -- 1
Critic -- 1
Photographer III -- 2

The list does not, far as I can tell, include any jobs at the AME level or above.

Read the whole thing, including the Orwellian intro, here:    http://www.scribd.com/doc/64100162/List

To those of you who are leaving: You are welcome to post comments here

If you want to use this blog as a place to say a public good-bye, leave contact information and/or let potential employers know you are available, post here. I recall from the last round that at least one person said they had made contact with a potential next job this way.

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Comments on prior post report one cut each in editorials and sports.

Commenter says one Metro reporter.

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