Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Numbers and positions affected -- what may be the whole list

Apparently at least some of the RIFed were given a document intended to head off another age discrimination lawsuit.  Or maybe it's some kind of legally required handout to RIFed above a certain age. It is titled, and I am not shitting you, "Exhibit A."

It lists every newsroom position and the age of the person in that position, those fired and those not.  No names. Based on the document I count 38 people RIFed.  In some cases the departments are clear, others not, so I am not going to do that breakdown.

Copy Editor I -- 3
Copy Editor II --5
Copy Editor III -- 5
Deputy Assistant Editor -- 5
Assistant News Editor -- 1
Office manager  -- 1
Senior Editor -- 1
Design Editor -- 1
Photo Tech -- 1
Presentation Editor-- 1
Content Coordinator -- 2
Layout Editor -- 1

Bureau Chief -- 1

Special Writer -- 1
Reporter I -- 4
Reporter III -- 1
Reporter III-Business -- 1
Critic -- 1
Photographer III -- 2

The list does not, far as I can tell, include any jobs at the AME level or above.

Read the whole thing, including the Orwellian intro, here:    http://www.scribd.com/doc/64100162/List


  1. Question - does the Photographer III(x2) count the person who volunteered to leave? Im someone from in the department asking. Not trying to start fights.

  2. What has happened with the age discrimination lawsuit?

  3. I'm among the RIF'd and I just looked through all my paperwork. I don't see that document. Not doubting that it exists, but apparently not all of us got it.

  4. That document is only required for people RIF'd above a certain age.

  5. The Morning News won the age discrimination lawsuit.

  6. Well it's nice to know that legal still considers me young.

  7. The people on the document appear to be listed by department, and then alphabetically by last name. Maybe.

  8. 4:22 - As I understand it, yes, the volunteer would be one of the two Photographer III positions.

  9. As someone from another market, who has first-hand knowledge of these experiences, I would point out that usually this kind of documentation goes to those RIFed who are 40 and older, and is intended to meet Federal requirements to demonstrate that age discrimination did not occur. Your attorney, who should review all your RIF documents, can offer an opinion on whether s/he thinks discrimination occurred.

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  11. "The EEOC cites “flexibility” as an example of a criterion often subject to age-based stereotyping and advises employers to give supervisors guidance on measuring flexibility objectively. For example, instead of asking supervisors to rate employees’ willingness to take on new tasks, employers should instruct supervisors to describe how employees responded when asked to perform new tasks."

    See http://www.towerswatson.com/united-states/research/1494

  12. That lawsuit is not over.

  13. Providing this list, with ages of those 'selected,' leads one to deduce who remains to be told that they've been eliminated after they return from vacation.

  14. Any idea what this makes the DMN's total newsroom headcount?