Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Preparation suggestions

I asked for them in my last post and got a couple of good ones that I'll pull out here so they don't get lost in the comments.

One person wrote:

I would recommend setting your email to forward to a private account. I only set mine up to auto-respond when I left.

I just tested it, my @dallasnews.com address will still tell you how to reach me. I have been gone for two years. Had I set it up to forward instead...

What you need to do to follow this suggestion is set up a "rule' in Outlook to forward your e-mail to another account, such as a gmail, yahoo or other private e-mail address.

Another person added:

Make sure it's a server rule, vs. a client rule.

But I don't know what that means.

One more suggestion:

YMMV on email still working after you leave. I have been gone for over two years and my regular web email and VPN login access was cut off within a week of departing, however my Blackberry continued to still have access to DMN email and calenders for another 6 months until I wiped the device. For all I know, I would still have access at this point had I not done that.

I would also recommend setting up a voice mail message on your phone alerting callers of alternate ways to reach you. My DMN extension is still active, 2+ years after departing, still with a message alerting callers that I no longer work there and how they can reach me at my new job.

Now that we've told the company about this, it may be that they will be more alert about cutting off access. But we all know that technology is not what Belo does best.

If you have additional useful suggestions, please put in your comment.