Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For those of us who remain unRIFed

A blogfriend has just sent me the link to a poem that describes the way some of us are feeling. Called "The Yarn of the Nancy Bell," by Sir William Schwenck Gilbert. He is the Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan. One verse reads:

"Oh, I am a cook and a captain bold,
And the mate of the Nancy brig,
And a bo'sun tight, and a midshipmite,
And the crew of the captain's gig!"

The poem involves cheerful cannibalism. Gallows humor is still humor. Read the whole thing here.

Here are some jobs

I've moved this post up to the top because the list of jobs in the comments continues to grow. New ones today. 

From a DMN alumna: 

Emily Ramshaw Hartstein wrote:
Feel free to post:

My mom, Mary Leonard, is the AME at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
They're hiring a state capitol reporter in Harrisburg, a breaking
news/local news editor and a sports reporter, and they have permission
to hire veterans (at veteran salaries) for all three of those jobs.
Email her at mleonard@post-gazette.com, or me at eramshaw@gmail.com.

So heartbroken for you guys.

Some others:

The Record (Bergen County, NJ) has the following openings in the newsroom.

Editorial Writer (Woodland Park) The Record’s Opinion Department has an opening for a full-time editorial writer. The candidate should have an ability to write clear, tight editorials with a definite point of view. Our editorial focus is North Jersey, and we comment most frequently about regional issues. Ideally, we are looking to add a moderate/conservative voice to our page. The candidate must be able to work in a collegial atmosphere, write quickly and pitch in where needed in the department. An editorial writer occasionally is asked to edit and proofread columns, letters to the editor and Sunday Opinion pieces. He or she also will participate in editorial boards with a variety of newsmakers, including candidates for public office.  Candidates should have at least three to five years newspaper experience, or equivalent. If interested, send a cover letter, resume and your five best writing samples to Alfred Doblin, Assistant Managing Editor/editorial page. 
Days/Hours: Varied work schedule
Contact:  Alfred Doblin, Dublin@northjersey.com

Reporter - (Woodland Park) - The Features Department, serving The Record and the Herald News, has an opening for a full-time, entry-level reporter. This reporter will produce engaging stories that explore a variety of topics, but generally concentrate on how North Jersey residents live, shop and entertain themselves. In general, the reporters must initiate, research, report, interview and write news features on their beat and generate trend stories. The skills and experience required for this position include: Ability to write stories, especially feature stories where tone and language are key components. The ability to write critically and in an engaging manner is essential.  Ability to identify stories that have the greatest potential to engage readers in North Jersey.  Ability to work with the Features’ department senior management in formulating strategies to capture readers and the ability to carry that strategy out.  The successful candidate must have at least two years of daily newspaper reporting experience, or equivalent. Hours may vary and may include working occasional weekends as part of a schedule rotation. 
Days/Hours: Varied work schedule
Contact:   Send a cover letter, resume, and your five best clips to Douglas Clancy, Clancy@northjersey.com

More jobs in the comments.