Thursday, September 1, 2011

Commenters say there were RIFs at the North Plant

Commenters say several production jobs were cut today.

"Plano/Dallas layout guys. I know of three, heard of more, but couldn't confirm."

About the newsroom, other than the reports about RIF training, I have nothing and more nothing. 


  1. What to expect:
    - Moroney's focus on keeping reporters and photographers means production desks will take the brunt of the cuts
    - Sports copy desk and news copy desk will have to combine to have any chance of putting out a newspaper
    - Tears will be shed
    - Backfield desk may take on extra staff to help edit stories
    - Breaking news coverage will be emphasized in the new-look newsroom, so there could be more staff there too
    - Stories will be published in much worse shape than ever before
    - Bonuses will continue to be paid to those at the top

  2. This may be old news, but I found out yesterday that the basement archives have been locked up and the person who had been in charge was cut loose. So it seems we are no longer archiving newspapers. What this means for the many years of papers filed away in the basement, I have no idea.

  3. Newsroom cuts are happening Tuesday. The lawyers signed off on everything faster than they were expected to do so. Number should be around 40 cut. If you're offered the opportunity to take on a new role by your manager, you'd be wise not to roll the dice.