Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This week?

One blogfriend says this is the week for some of it. Says it's from a good source. Another blogfriend says to watch for the boxes. The day before the previous layoffs, the cardboard boxes appeared.

But if the consistent rumors are right, it won't all be on the same day this time. Boxes may not show up until actually needed.

Nothing new in rumors about the actual targets for cuts.


  1. The copy desk manager is out this week, so they'll have to wait.

  2. They are really doing their best to keep the layoffs around the building a secret. People are just disappearing, kind of like a belo-approved rapture. The desk editors were talking openly about the pending merger with sports and the flattening of the overall structure today, bu there were few specifics. I asked a backfield editor if they knew anything, but they demurred. Speculation is that there may be as many as 30 editors given their walking papers within the next two weeks, most of those being the production crews including layout positions. The number seems to be based on little more than how much efficiency could be gained by combining desks, but none of my line editors seem concerned, so again, it seems production is the main focus.

  3. It sounds like some areas may be this week. But the newsroom and production won't be this week, based on what I'm hearing.