Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A place to fling virtual monkey poop

A couple of days ago, I put down an uncivil comment by explaining that this was not a place to fling monkey poop. Poop tossers, I said, can find their own place on the Internet. Someone did. He calls himself . I guess he is a movie fan. The name of the blog is Flinging Monkey Poop.  He sent me an email. Quoting here:

Here are the rules: Nothing that could get me sued. And make it entertaining. The only judge will be me. All comments will be moderated before posting.  Scatology and vulgarities are allowed in the interest of yuks. Think Jon Stewart without the bleeps.  And while I'm starting it as a place to vent about DMN bosses, anyone can play. Tell your friends!
Have a good time.


  1. Nothing to do with monkey poop (or maybe everything) but a disconcerting sight on the copy/news desk was two "new" people training this evening. Guess we're now going to be training our replacements before we get the axe.

  2. It's Thursday, Thursday. Gotta go over the RIF script on Thursday.

  3. So, layoff training for managers today, I hear.

  4. A note to the person who made the comments about "Stallings." You are an idiot.

    Moderator - this post names both names names and commits the sin of personal attack.

    Some people don't have the sense to know who their real friends are.

  5. To Sept. 2 @ 3 pm. You are exactly right. It's gone. My apologies.

  6. Another reason this blog is dangerous. The comments serve to whip up anxiety and prompt bile as employees rip each other and kill morale further. Most predictions of when layoffs were coming were wrong. Very little exchange of helpful post-layoff info or advice or job postings. Encouragements to walk off the job on deadline. Intent may have been well-meaning, but the result isn't helpful overall.

  7. 5:13, you can get a full refund. Yes this sucks but it is all we have. I have decided that even this is better than nothing. Based on last time, the blog will be much more useful with real information on the day the cuts happen. Last time by the end of the day we had a count by department that required only minor corrections. Look to the right and you can see it.

    All of you, please send me what you know on the day this time. Do not assume that I have a hidden pipeline to the bosses, I do not.

    On that day in 2009 and in days to come many of those who were fired used the blog as a place for them to say farewell. Some of those posts were amazing. They are all still archived.

    I have allowed a couple of comments this time to be posted that were needlessly nasty but other readers pointed them out to me.

    Discussions about labor actions are useful as anybody thinks they are. This is only place to blow off that steam. To say that this blog is what is hurting morale is actually funny. The news blackout by management is hurting morale.

    You are free to click elsewhere.

  8. A note to the commenter who keeps trying to attack managers by name: Stop it. This isn't a blog for that. The guy who runs the Monkey Poop blog may let you get away with it.