Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, one more job posting

Too good not to pass along. A reader sends this:

I know the DMN layoffs blog has gone dark but my editor at McGraw Hill, Andy Wright, asked me to put the word out for a recent job opening. If you can put something on the blog or pass this along to folks who can spread the word, I would appreciate it.

He's looking for someone with journalism experience who can handle overseeing a regional publication covering the construction sector in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. Anyone with a few years under their belt reporting or editing at the DMN would be able to take it on provided they are willing to handle the spectrum of duties; editing, reporting, layout, budget management - you name it.

McGraw Hill has not posted the opening anywhere yet but they need to fill this relatively quickly. I've worked with the company and this editor for the past five years and they are good people.

McGraw Hill Publications is looking for an editor for its regional magazine Midwest Construction (http://midwest.construction.com/) based out of Chicago. Contact Andy Wright News Director, McGraw-Hill Construction Andrew_Wright@mcgraw-hill.com