Thursday, April 16, 2009

Staff meetings with managers about the reorganization

There are meetings going on today about the newsroom reorganization. Anyone who wants to give a report, the comments are on.


  1. High points from the meeting with George:
    The pay cuts saved 130 jobs in Belo newsrooms.

    Al Dia is now making money. Quick is almost breaking even.

    Local news will go from 8 to 21 community reporters in the reorg.

    Marketing will truthfully tell readers what we’re doing new and good.

    The DMN is still a moneymaker, as are most newspapers. Corporations saddled with debt, not so much.

    Questions concerned: e-mail migration to Blackberries — not exactly seamless. Whether Projects reporters should be returned to the weekend rotation. How to balance a need for greater collaboration with the fear of “bigfooting.”

  2. About the weekend roation, the discussion came up because metro reporters are working a weekend shift less than once every two months.

  3. They cut local reporters, telling us our jobs are no longer needed, then expand local coverage by moving editors into those slots? Yeah. Nothing against any editors, i don't want anyone, period to lose their jobs, but that's absurd. More Belo B.S.

  4. Politics, as always, played a larger role in the layoffs than anyone is willing to admit. Just toss those performance evaluations out and keep the high paid folks employed.

  5. Specialty beats -- social services, public health, religion -- are gone as separate assignments. Will remain only as 'mini-beats' within other assignments.

  6. Anyone have news out of other departments?

  7. The latest "reinvention"? Investigative journalism, per the half-page house ad in Sunday "Points." So, was DMN not doing that before? That's almost what the ad implied.