Sunday, April 5, 2009

A reader suggests that internal Belo finances may not make sense

If I get it, I think this reader is saying that some ad sellers are double-dipping commissions for online ads, which is a needless hit to the company bottom line. Can someone explain this?
If ad rep A sells an ad, they get 100 percent commission. but they are being allowed to pay ad rep B 100 percent commission on the same ad. Given that these online ads make no where near what the ads for the paper makes, this seems like highway robbery and an insult to the rest of us who have been hit with having to pay for our blackberries, parking fees, cuts in 401k contributions, salary cuts, etc. etc. etc.

Is this true? Given how little those ads are worth, compared with print, I can't see how even double dipping would be much of a hit.

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  1. This is a non-issue, like Rod Dreher drawing full salary and benefits for material he has already been paid in full for on his blog. Or like any other situation where we pay someone full time to repackage what is effectively free material. In any organization some people just have better jobs than others, and we have to accept that and be grateful for what we do have. At least until Tuesday.