Saturday, March 28, 2009

What seems like an unlikely rumor to me

A reader sends this in:
Rumor from the other side of the Metroplex is that DMN has hired 40 "community" journalists mostly in their 20s. Any truth to that?

Does this make sense to anybody? We know that the DMN is talking about reorganizing Local News to focus on specific communities. We know that there has been talk about how to recruit "citizen journalists." Can this be related to that?

UPDATE: Look at the comments. There may not be fire, but there is some smoke.


  1. It seems like an unlikely rumor to me as well. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  2. Could someone be confusing NeighborsGo? Most of the staff there is in their 20s, and we have a staff that probably would equal 40 or so people.

  3. 40 seems unlikely, but I heard they are hiring a bunch of people in their 20s. Check out the job listing:

  4. Holy crap! That would be a way for DMN to put "more resources" into target communities on the cheap. The posting date on that ad is Feb. 17. I'm trying to remember what the timeline was when we got the first info about the layoffs. Would be nice to know the current status of that job...

  5. The NY Times launched a few hyperlocal community blogs about a month ago. A NYT editor manages the blog, but "community" journalists contribute. Those "community" journalists consist of journalism students at nearby colleges and young (probably 20 yos) in the neighborhoods.

    Wonder if NYT and DMN share the same consultant??

  6. This job is for NeighborsGo. One of the featured editors, Kandace Dodson, had left for other employment about this time earlier in the year.

    NG's staff turns over frequently, because of the workload and low pay. This is a standard issue job posting for them.

    Also, as I understand it, NeighborsGo has a completely different chain of command and budget outside the DMN newsroom.