Saturday, March 21, 2009

A note to DMN staffers who are not in the newsroom departments

A comment to an earlier post noted that the newsroom is not the only department facing cuts. The limited scope of this blog intends no slight to those other departments. It's all I can do to try to get information on the editorial operation. If someone from another department wants to set up a blog, send me an e-mail and I'll be pleased to share what I think I know about how one should do this. The technology is simple. But there are issues to be aware of.


  1. I actually want to hear from those in advertising on this blog. We in the newsroom are usually not told what is happening in that department. Yet our fates, as journalists who need paychecks, are determined by the success that department has or does not have.

    I would like someone in advertising let us know what efforts are under way to make money off the online content that we are increasingly asked to produce? And what efforts are underway to salvage revenue based on our print products?

    Whatever strategies advertising has, we in the newsroom should know about them, so we can be better educated about the company's outlook.

  2. To be totally clear: Contributions are very welcome from people in all departments to this blog. I will not, however, be trying to keep track of layoffs or other changes in other departments. If information comes to me I will pass it on. If someone else starts a Spartacus blog for another department I will put a link up here.

  3. OK - Here you go - long-time ad girl (over 20 years) here from TDMN. Things have not looked worse...We are worried, too. Thing is - we understand the revenue angle and that they never hit Advertising - this time they will.

    Products abound here - Briefing, Al Dia, Quick, Online - TDMN...but we are losing credibility in the community with all of the "anti-newspaper/dying newspaper" stories out there.

    Radio has jumped headlong into telling stories about our dying franchise - no one in the print industry has the balls to light a fire under the other media that is suffering. Looking for a story regarding the fact that Radio is down upwards of 30%, Broadcast is getting it's ass kicked, etc - won't find it in the newspaper. But you WILL here about our struggles daily on KRLD, WBAP etc.

    When does the NAA or the newspaper groups get together and start fighting back?

    I fear that we are going to sit here and let them kick sand in our face until we are completely buried - and then no one will remember that we were ever here in the first place.