Thursday, July 23, 2015

When the time comes and people want to post farewells, I will welcome them

I am told there is a time where those who asked for the buyout can change their minds. After that, HR will notify those who will get the buyout.

When that happens, as I did the last time, I will welcome any posts from those who are leaving and want to use this as a place to say anything. People who want to say goodbye to friends who are leaving and who have made that public can also post here. I will NOT allow anyone who is not leaving to identify those who are. It is up to those who are going to make that decision.

I will hope to get a count of the kinds of positions that will be vacated, the way I was able to do last time. Reporter, photographer, editor, senior editor, that kind of list.

I am told that some people are already posting to Facebook and other social media that they have asked for the buyout. If they also want to put something here they are welcome. Social media was not such a big thing the last time we did this. 

People can post comments here where I will moderate them before they are seen or email me.

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